Made here


The whole process to create Floca pieces occurs here, in Spain.
I really wanted to keep things local and traceable, as well as to support the local factories and mills. So, after many months of research and a lot of work in the field, I thankfully got to know these beautiful humans that are now my partners. Floca exists thanks to them and, if you kindly decide someday to own one of our pieces, just remember that you are the so much appreciated missing piece in this cool puzzle.

All garments are artfully crafted by Héctor and Natalia in their family-run workshop just an hour away from our office in Madrid. I wanted to work with them because of their savoir faire and incomparable attention to detail. They are my partners in crime and kind of magicians too! I am forever thankful for working with great professionals nearby.

 All yarns are exclusively made for Floca in Barcelona by lifelong family owned mills. We are now dealing with the daughters and sons of the founders!
Our worsted yarns are made by Martí and his team, choosing the best fine spanish wool to make them. They get to spin a high quality yarn that is very little prone to peeling.
Before spinning, Toni and Francesc are the team in charge of one of the most long-standing wool dyeing workshops in Spain. Together with them we decide the mixture of colors to get to the perfect hue for our mèlange colors.
 Pilar's father was the founder of the mill where our carded yarn is spinned. This yarn is made of undyed natural wool and it has a rustic touch that we love.