I imagined Floca as a small brand built on the foundations of love for well-made and durable garments. I envision a laid-back approach to wearing clothes, more conscious and honest with ourselves and our two homes: this only planet and our own body. 

As a reflection of our daily life, I try to be as gentle as possible, making every effort to minimize the impact and keeping the sense of responsibility at every decision I make. This is what I feel I must do since we are creating new products that go into the world.

I definitely wanted to use the best resources around, close to where I live, in order to stay true to my ethos. That is why all garments are made of 100% Spanish wool. Just like that. No blends with other synthetic materials, only wool from our sheeps. My favourite natural fiber because of its Spanish origin, amazing virtues and how it beautifully endures time. A real natural beauty on its own.

This sense of durability and slowness is what inspires our little collection of timeless, serene pieces for a simple and essential living. I imagine each design to make you feel good on yourself, comfortable and beautiful at the same time. I believe in the pleasure of wearing clothes that soothe and heal; knits that connect you with nature through the soft touch of wool. Knits that feel like a hug and bring you joy.

 Every piece is carefully built to last for years and to be worn with everything, everyday. I believe that well-made garments are inherently sustainable, specially if they are locally sourced and made.

I keep production small and only limited batches of each design are made to prevent overproduction and textile waste. This allows me to have a better control and traceability over the whole process and things can be done at a humane pace by everyone involved.

 Another essential thing for me when brewing up Floca, was to support the local economy and getting to work with small businesses. So I got the chance to know incredible humans that deserve all my admiration and gratitude. Thanks to these crafters, every piece can be locally produced in Spain within a magical triangle between Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona.




I'm Laura
I was born in Galicia, a green piece of land up in
the very northwest of Spain, with magnificent nature and roaring seas.
After many years of working as professional translator, and after a solid learning about sustainable fashion,
I decided to crystallize this idea
I had been plotting for some time.
An inherent respect for nature reflected in everyday life,
and the pleasure of making things well and long-lasting again
is what brought Floca to life as it is; the fruition of a dream.
I am beyond grateful for being able to finally share it with you.
with my little apple, Irene